NOTE: Click the game if it doesn't respond to keypresses.

You are a worm. Worms love eating fruit, even though it makes them poop. But this is a good thing: poop becomes flowers and flowers bring much joy to the world.

Eat fruit, avoid poop, flowers increase the score multiplier, eating flowers makes the multiplier smaller. Use arrow keys to steer, use Z or X to jump over hazards.

Game by kometbomb and iLkKe.

Tips for newbie worms

  • Remember to jump! Jump over flowers, poop and your own tail - not just lava. You can turn even while in the air.
  • You will get a higher score if you avoid eating flowers. The more flowers there are on screen the more points you will get for eating fruit and when you finish the level.
  • The faster you finish a level the larger time bonus you will get. You might want to sacrifice a few flowers in order to worm faster.
  • Sometimes a letter will fall from the sky. Collect all letters to form the word EXTEND to get an extra life!


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I clicked but I can't get it to work

hey, just wanted to say some things

love the game, cool controls with a pretty steep learning curve, just one thing you might want to fix, it's very hard to control the worm in the air, I can't see which direction I'm going in and that's confusing, thx for your time!

Great little game. I love things like this. The arcade vibe is real and in the best way possible.

I did have some thoughts about the control scheme--I'm not sure I care for the rotation mechanic. It felt very hard to control and that detracted from the experience for me, which is a shame since everything else made me want to stick around longer. I would have preferred true direction arrow keys that suggested the direction the worm should turn. Something a joystick could control, to keep the arcade feel perhaps.

That aside everything is top notch. I would throw so many quarters in a machine that had this on it.

why do the borders hurt the worm? the worm should just come out of the other side of the screen.

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Lovely game!

When entering initials for the highscore X doesn't work only Z. I'm using QWERTZ keyboard, so it's a bit annoying. But I guess you have to press Z afterwards anyway.


Is it deliberate that the worm starts facing south, so that the left and right buttons are reversed?

No, it just looks nicer when you can see his face. Do you think it's too disorienting? Did you figure out the control system in a reasonable time?

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Hi. Control system figured out at second or third play. Perhaps little flickering arrows near the head of the worm at the start could help (or just add arrow control help in the intro scroller). Very nice game by the way!