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Just so you know Comodo Antivirus & Security lists this program as:


Time limit is rather tight, I wish there was an option to extend it. In addition, it's really hard to aim with the limited view, and CPU seems too good by comparison.

wish there was a version of this that didn't have a time limit on turns. ah well!

Great game! Would like to talk to you about the possibility of publishing  MicroMurder on the web-based gaming platform! Send me an e-mail at and we can talk more details there :)

just like tanks i love it :)

Just set both teams to CPU. That was interesting.

Please make a windows version

We can't promise anything but we are quite sure a Windows version will happen later this month (including other TTT titles)!

Thank you

I'd love a Windows version as well. Looks fun!

You can now download a Windows version!